Monday, December 26, 2011

2012 Goals

Ah yes, the goals post. I’ve been giving this one a lot of thought and it’s about time to commit it to paper, as it were.

I made some 2011 running goals, before I knew what I was really talking about. I don’t really have the energy to go digging that post up, but I will consider this year a success. Over 700 miles run, 2 half marathons, 3 10k PRs. not too shabby.

I had one “resolution” in 2011 and it was not running related: to not date for the entire year. I have 6 days left, technically, but I’m willing to call this a raging success. It was a necessary “reset” of sorts, and I don’t regret it one bit.

Now for 2012:

1. Run Four Half Marathons. Perhaps a tall order, doubling my number of halfs from this year. But I think I’ve got a good plan worked out. I’ve only registered for one thus far – Lake Placid – but I’ve got them picked out, roped Natalie into it, and off we go!
Oleksak Half Marathon – April 1, 2012
Lake Placid Half Marathon – June 10, 2012
Rock N’ Roll Providence – August 19, 2012
Hudson Mohawk Half Marathon – October 7, 2012
2. That helps for goal number 2: add 2 states to my half marathon races. I’ll get Massachusetts and Rhode Island out of this. And I’ve never been to Rhode Island, so this should be fun!

3. Join a run club. I think I'm going to joing the Hudson Mohawk Road Runners. That way, I’ll get a discount on that last half marathon (the one I’m really looking for a huge PR in). And, they offer 2 races per month, several of which are free to members. Sounds like a win win!

4. Run 1000 miles. If I could run 700+ this year while only training for 2 half marathons, I think I can squeeze in another 300! Plus, last January was a really low mileage month, as I was just getting in to running.

5. Break 100 miles in at LEAST one month. I kind of made this an informal goal this year, and got so close! (91 was my closest).

6. Plank for two and a half minutes. I’m already at 1:15, due to #plankaday. So I really think this is feasible.

7. Be able to do 50 pushups. I’m ordering an iphone this week so the 100pushups app will probably be the first thing I buy. I can’t even do one full pushup right now (I know, I'm ashamed), so 50 seems reasonable for a year-long goal.

8. 4 hours of yoga a month. I always say I’m going to start going to yoga more, and never do. When I go, I love it. This is a reasonable goal of one yoga class a week. Since they offer yoga at my gym at least 6 days a week this really shouldn’t be an issue.

9. Try one new, healthy recipe a week. I have been tossing around some way to make “healthier eating” or “stop eating shit” or “eat clean” an actionable goal, and this is what I came up with. Not perfect, in terms of the rules of writing achievable goals, but it’ll have to do.

10. This goal is “new years” – ish, I plan to have this done by the end of January. Create an inspiration board/scrapbook. Originally this was just an inspiration board, but I got a whole bunch of running scrapbook stuff and pictures from my parents, so I have that to work on too!

I’m planning on have a year of high-milage, PR, smart recover, and lots of learning. I’m really looking forward to reading everyone else’s goal posts! Let’s make 2012 run-tacular!!


misszippy said...

I'm really impressed w/ the no dating thing, I must say! That had to have been hard, but also a really great way to figure out who you are.

Looks like a great line up of races. I'm considering Mohawk as my full this year!

5 Miles Past Empty said...

Those are some serious goals!!! Awesome and fun!!! I can't wait to follow along as you accomplish each and EVERY ONE!!