Thursday, October 27, 2011

I pick things up and put them down

This week I’ve been working on getting back into lifting. I totally forgot how badass I feel after a good heavy lifting session. I am all excited about this now, but tomorrow morning when I can’t get out of bed due to over doing it on legs today will probably suck, major.

I have a real hard time going easy on leg day. Legs are powerful! Legs are important! Legs need to run faster, stronger, better!!! yea…. totally not going to be able to walk in the AM. Already my calves and glutes hurt so good.

I’m really hoping to make some serious progress this winter so that I can be even speedier next year. I have big aspirations. My mother asked me for christmas gift ideas – they will pretty much all be running themed! I can’t help myself (or afford these things myself, haha).

We had our first snow today here in Albany. I really didn’t expect it to snow here. The weather was predicting snow in the area, but we aren’t in that high of an elevation, so I anticipated just cold cold rain. But, after an all day training session in a window-less room at work, we emerged to the beginnings of accumulation. Luckily, I have three decent long sleeved running shirts. I’ll be breaking one out for a long-ish run on Saturday (assuming, of course, my DOMS isn’t so horrible as to last two days – entirely possible).


Random inspiration time! If you didn’t see on fb or twitter, here’s the link to an article featuring my great Aunt Marathon Mary!!!


Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

You already had snow? Wow! I basically stopped lifting weights a few months ago and I'm excited to get back into it after the marathon chaos is over. It feels GOOD!

misszippy said...

Weights are so key to runners! Great plan to work hard on it over the winter. And sounds like winter has already arrived. Yikes!