Thursday, October 13, 2011

Well That's Over.

In my last post I was burnt out. I had some leg pain, which still persists. And I was anxious to get this race over with so I could mentally rejuvenate.

The race is this Sunday 10/16, and I am no longer "burnt out". I've got a fire. I want to, and will PR the sh*t out of this race. I'm sick of this stupid leg issue. It's not horrible, but it's annoying. Things are tight and strange. I'll make sure to warm up well and do some yoga pre-race sunday. I've had to really back off the last few weeks so as to not make it worse, which I think is where this "fire" is coming from (that itch that comes from a lack of running). But also....

I've been inspired. I watched the Ironman Kona finishers cross the line and it was seriously unreal. I read Ryan Hall finished Chicago in 2:08 - not his best, yet he was still pleased. He seriously has the best attitude ever. I spectated Natalie's second marathon and watched her PUSH through a nagging calf issue that's been bothering her lately (and reared it's ugly head a mere 10K into the marathon). The day got hot, fast. But she finished strong! My great aunt ran this year's Twin Cities in 4:29:xx. She's 65, one of THREE women to have run all 30 Twin Cities Marathons. And it also happened to be her 175 marathon ever. ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY-FIFTH!!!! She started running at 35. That's 5.8 marathons a year. un-freaking-believable.

If you aren't inspired by that, I think you're a robot. I saw this tweet the other day from @McMillanRunning: "Fitness is built over time. Period. It can't be wished for or rushed. Patience grasshopper. Build toward the future." It made me think of my dad who is always harping on the importance of patience (and was a seriously, seriously bad ass runner in his heyday, and is now working on being a ridiculously awesome cyclist). But, what I really got out of this was that I'm just at the beginning. If fitness is built over time, I am good to go down the line. I've only got a year of "being a runner" under my belt - maybe big things will happen for me too - watch out, Ryan Hall.


Lindsey said...

Fire, wooooot!!! That's one of the best quotes!

Natalie said...

That is a great quote! Watch this space Ryan Hall!!