Friday, October 14, 2011

Race Goals

This Sunday I'm running the inaugural Empire State Marathon - well I'm running the half. This will be my second half marathon this year/ever.

It's pretty crazy to think that 13 months ago was my first organized race ever in life. I've attended a bunch of Dad's races, but never really run one of my own. Thirteen months: one 5K, four 10Ks, one 5miler, and 2 half marathons. Damn.

I'm fully prepared to PR this half marathon. I've only run one before ever, and that course was SUPER hilly (Lake Placid), and this is super flat (Syracuse NY, well... mostly Liverpool NY - go 'pool!)

I'm excited to run at home again - part of this race course will be along the same lake side path that I ran my very first 5k ever. And my dad will be there, and know everyone involved (of course), and be able to tell everyone that he's passed the running torch to me. Now that I saw Marlene did the Syr 70.3 as a relay, I'm gonna have to get my dad swimming so we can do that next year! 

Ok, so race goals. Lake Placid Half Marathon time/first half marathon/instant PR = 2:36:43

As always, I'm hoping to finish the race, upright and smiling. So that's a baseline goal. I really don't feel it's possible, barring disaster, for me to *not* beat this time. I know it sounds a bit arrogant, but I'm in much better shape, my training was more intense and structured, I've noticed tons of improvement this summer, and all my long runs indicate I can beat this.

Goal C: PR - 2:35:xx

Goal B: 2:30 or better.

Goal A: Now here's the kicker: 2:26:34. Based on my most recent 10k PR -Sept 25, 2011 - Brock Trot (also super hilly)- McMillan running calculator thinks I should be able to run a half marathon in this time. I think it's doable. My last long run was 2:17 and change for 12 miles. This is a super duper flat fast course. Out and back, 6.55 miles each way which is helping with my mental game. 6.55 miles can be run on a Tuesday before work.

What do you think, folks. Can I knock 10 minutes of my half marathon time?


Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

I am SURE you'll make your ultimate goal time. You've come a long way since the last half, and if it's mostly flat even better! Good luck this weekend!

Sarah Grecco said...

I think you can! It will be a challenge but with a little focus we can all reach out goals!

Good luck on the half marathon! Half marathons are my favorite distance! Challenging without being BRUTAL!

Get Up & Go

Natalie said...

You can do this!!!!

good luck tomorrow! :)