Saturday, October 8, 2011

Burnt Out

I am burnt out folks. Ugh. I’ve been half marathon training pretty much since Feb of this year. A little over a year ago I hadn’t done a single truly athletic thing in my whole life. Training is starting to drag on, it’s feeling chore-like. And, physically, my body hurts. I know it’s supposed to. But, I’m pretty sure something is wrong with my right leg. At first I thought it was an IT band issue, but this feels very different. I’m trying to take it easy, but mostly I’m trying to ignore it. Bad choice? probably, but the race is 8 days away. then I can relax

I’ve rested a LOT this week. In fact, I’ve only run twice. Monday I think I’m just going to cross train and try to loosen up the leg. fingers crossed.

I’m still excited about my half. I’m also excited for it to be over, but I’m also excited to run it. According to McMillan, based on my most recent 10K PR, I should be able to shave about 10 minutes off my Lake Placid Half Marathon time. I’d be happy enough with six minutes off – both goals are totally attainable, I think.

Tomorrow should be a fun day – Natalie is racing her second marathon, and I’ll be spectating my first! she’s going to do awesome! It’s a nice, flat, fast course running from schenetady to albany. I know she’s gonna rock. It’ll be a huge PR for her anyway you look at it. GO NAT!!!

I’ve asked a friend to help me develop a strength training routine for the winter months. Shaving some pounds and building some muscle should help to rock a bunch of races next year!

In the mean time, I’m gonna take it easy and hope this leg pain goes away. Good luck to all of you racing this weekend!! Run hard, run fast, run strong! Smile


Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

I can definitely get burnt out with too long of a training session. Dare I say--I wish the marathon was sooner so I could just rest already!

Lindsey said...

Totally understandable - but you can do it!! You're going to do great in your race. :) Hope the leg pain is nothing serious!!