Monday, September 26, 2011

My Accidental 10K PR

Yesterday I ran the Brock Trot 10k in Lenox, MA. This is my second year running this race and I really like it. It's a beautiful course, it's a small race, and everything is very well organized. Plus, this year they gave out tech shirts, at a 10K that was... I don't remember like $35? After there's a whole bunch of food, and massages this year too! Also, it's timed by the the Albany Running Exchange. And they are quite speedy in getting out the results list. Including the kids mile run, there were probably like 500-ish participants overall. But in the 10 and 5k I'd guesstimate there were only like 200-300 people. I like small races.

Last year Nat and I ran this race as our first 10k, our second race ever, and the longest distance either of us had raced. We were monumentally unprepared for how hilly the course was, and though we both finished with respectable times, we were certain to come back this year more prepared. Do not get me wrong, this is a tough 6.2 miles. Mostly rolling hills, there are some pretty decent climbs during miles 2 and 6.

I went into this race not really looking to PR the distance - my A race for the fall is the upcoming Empire State Half Marathon on Oct 16 (which I am looking to PR the crap out of). But I knew I could run this course faster, in fact, much faster than last year's 1:12:XX. I was aiming for under 1:10 with the hills, and my PR was an early spring 10k with far fewer hills at 1:06 flat. I flew threw the first mile, kind of on accident, but it felt really easy, so I went with it (this is a race after all). Then the hills started and I slowed to a more regular sort of pace. By the 5K mark I knew I was on pace for a PR. It snuck into my mind, but I didn't want to get my hopes up because, seriously it wasn't my goal for this race. I also forgot about that long, slow climb toward the end which really got to me. However, the last quarter of a mile has these two short little jerks of hills. Once you pass over the top of the second the finish is right there.

I was avoiding looking at my garmin at this point because I really just wanted to finish strong. However, once the finish line clock was in view, it said 1:05 and change, and I had maybe 100 meters left to go, maybe. At that point I shouted to Nat, " I'm gonna PR!!!" probably not the best use of my energy at that point, but I couldn't believe it. I sprinted to the finish as fast as my tired legs would carry me and came in with 8 seconds to spare! 1:05:52 is the new time to beat!

I was really quite shocked, and pleased, and now very sore. Imagine what I could have done if I was actually planning to PR that race? Sick. :)

I really enjoy the 10k distance; it's the distance I've run the most (four10ks under my belt now). I really got a nice confidence boost for the upcoming half. Bring it on!


Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Amazing job, and congrats on a new PR! And an unexpected one at that--even better!

Lindsey said...

Congrats - that's such a great surprise to get a PR!!! :)