Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mental Preparation

For some reason every run so far this week has been on the treadmill. What gives? With the exception of some rain, its been a nice week – temperature-wise. I’m not really sure why that happened.

I’m hoping that looking forward to running outside will help in prepping for tomorrow’s long run.

10 miles.

This is my first double digit run since my half in June.

10 miles is a bit of a stumbling block for me. My first 10 mile run the last training cycle I bonked. It really got me down in the self confidence department. I also haven’t been in quite as good a mental state this training cycle. I’m not 100% sure its really running related.

I’m a bit discouraged that I haven’t been improving as much as I’d liked. But I’ve also got a lot of junk going on in the non-running part of life, so I think that’s playing in overall.

But I’ve been visualizing my run tomorrow. Running strong the whole time. I know I can run 10 miles. I’ve run 10 or more miles multiple times before by now. So I know I can. I just really want it to go well.

What makes me feeling particularly optimistic is the weather – mid 50s. SO much better than last sunday’s mid 70s with 800% humidity. Like running in a pool. yuck.


Anyone racing tomorrow? Good luck!!! :)

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