Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Turkeys! and Running Mantras

First of all, let me say, I absolutely love that someone found my blog by searching "I lift turkeys up and put them down." I don't know why my blog was found with this phrase, but it is hilarious in and of itself, and also that someone googled it to begin with.

Blogging has been slow this off season. Not a whole lot is happening. I'm trying to maintain a balance of keeping up my endurance/running mileage, but still get in a lot of beneficial weightlifting. Lifting has resulted in some quick weight loss, as I knew it would. I've been making a mostly conscious effort to eat better (as much as I can during the holidays) and I don't dick around with lifting. I actually had a nearly puke-worthy SHOULDER workout the other day.

Running is mental, we all know that. But really, any physical activity has a mental component. For whatever reason, despite two half marathons and a year of running training, I still feel I've a better handle on the mental aspect of lifting. Perhaps my "just one more" mantra is better suited for a rep, than a mile (a few seconds vs ten minutes - I can see why that's failing).

I need a new running mantra, when I'm really close to then end it's (strangely) a bit easier to tell myself "you've already done 45 minutes, so you know you can do 5 minutes, and that's all you have left." However, if I'm out for an hour run, and a half hour in I'm struggling, THAT's when I need a new mantra. "half way there, baby." Is more like "I wanna kill you if you say that again, bitch" some days.

What are your running mantras? What gets you through the workouts that are tough from the get-go?

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Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

I don't even let myself think about stopping until I'm half way. If I plan for 6 miles, I tell myself I HAVE to do three. By then, it's "halfway there" and then "one mile to go". I like the counting down aspect of it.