Sunday, November 27, 2011

back at it!

Well I got back on the train today!

I didn't get in 6 full miles, but about 50 mins of cardio, mostly running. I'll take it. I should've run outside - then 6 miles would have been unavoidable. But, for some reason I'm not feeling the outside running these days - even with the unseasonably warm weather we've had here in the Northeast this weekend. I'm not sure what's up with that? (the weather or the non-desire to run outdoors).

I came home and got in a good core workout with some light upper body. On tuesday I am eligible for an additional discount on a phone and am planning on getting an iphone - mostly so i can have the 100pushups and related apps. haha. The problem is, I can't do a pushup. Like, not even one. I can do modified pushups. But, one solid normal pushup - uh, i'm not there yet. I'm working on it. Then i had a delicious refuel breakfast of 2 scrambled eggs, mushrooms and tomato, half a whole wheat english muffin, and a glass of v8. Feein' good!

The last few weeks have been sort of lax in the workout department. only 3-4 days of working out a week. Kind of lame. I have no real excuse other than not having a training plan to keep me on track. So my goal for this week is to workout every day. Even if it's a quick lifting session or just a half hour of cross training. Something physical

Now... if only i can get up off the couch to complete my cleaning goals for today. I want the apartment to be spick and span for when Q get's back! Her sister had her baby early this AM! yayay! Don't want the doting aunt to be stressed out by a unkempt apartment hahah. or maybe just a few more minutes of star wars....


Natalie said...

I know that feeling! Back at it for me tomorrow! :)

Anonymous said...

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