Friday, March 16, 2012

Registration Mania

Well folks, I went on a bit of a race registration binge the other morning!

The good news is, I didn't break the bank! haha.

More good news - I will be racing each of the first three weekends of spring! I'm so excited.

I'll start off on the 25th with a 5-mile Shamrock Shuffle about an hour north of here. One of my best friends is running it as well, it will be her last race in her 20s! (can't believe we're at that age) but it will also be a first for us. First race together as bride-to-be and MOH (I'm the MOH, calm your hormones). yayayay!

On April 1- half number one of the year in Westfield, MA. I'm not sure about my goals for this race yet - to be honest, I'm not entirely sure what kind of shape I'm in? This training cycle has gone well, a bit too well. I'll discuss plans for this race more fully in another post. However, it is half 1 of 3 for the year.

On April 7 I'll be doing my first 4 mile race, and my first HMRRC race as a member! wooo! I'm pretty excited!

I also registered for one other race......

The Mohawk Hudson River Marathon!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's right folks. These aren't just champagne dreams any more. I'm really going to do this. I've spent my money, and posted it on facebook. So now I've got to! Too many haters on facebook to not follow through now! hehe just kidding....

Cheers to kicking off spring race season!


Sassphalt Runner said...

Woo hoo! Excited for you! Social media is such a great motivator. You'll rock the marathon!

Emily @ Journey to the Center of Manhattan said...

So excited for you! I seriously loved marathon training and cant wait to do #2. There's nothing like finishing a tough run and realizing that you just ran farther/longer than you've ever done before! (it makes you forget the tough parts quickly)

You're going to have a blast!

Natalie said...

Awesome race schedule :) I'm glad I didn't sign up for the 4/7 race yet! stupid toe.

(christine) said...

I'm registered for the Mohawk Hudson Marathon too! Best of luck with all your training. I've been in limbo lately, wanting to start my official marathon training, but it's a bit early and I don't want to burn out!