Saturday, March 3, 2012

Horrible Blogger

ugh, I’ve def sucked lately. I forgot last week’s wrap up, then figured I’d just do it with the February wrap up, and now it’s march 3 and I’ve done neither! sorry folks!

The big news right now is – less than a month until the first half of the year! woo! Where DOES the time go?!

February was a pretty good month for training. I had a mini head cold for a few days, and then a blood donation proved a bit harder to bounce back from than anticipated. I don’t know why I was surprised, but I should’ve done more reading on training and donating blood… and eaten breakfast before attempting a 5 mile run two days later. whoops.

wrapping up February:

Monday Feb 20: stretch and strength/ rest

Tuesday Feb 21: 4.5 Miles/ Chest, shoulders abs (35 mins); 4.5 @ 10:27; Plank 1:15

Wednesday Feb 22: 40 min tempo/ 4.08 @ 9:48 – 25 mins at 9:26; plank 1:25

Thursday Feb 23: 3 miles + strength / legs 25 mins; 3 @10:12

Friday Feb 24: rest/ elliptical 35 mins; Plank 1:10

Saturday Feb 25: 5 miles / 5 @ 10:30

Sunday Feb 26: 10 miles / 10 @ 11:06

Weekly Mileage: 26.58

Monday Feb 27: stretch and strength/ walk 2.1 miles (SUPER TIRED)

Tuesday Feb 28: 5 miles / rest (post blood donation)

Wednesday Feb 29: Moved the 5 miler to this day – stopped after 3 – seeing stars. yikes!

Total Monthly Mileage: 85.89 HOLLA!

February was a great training month! I only missed 2 workouts, so not too shabby.

March is off to a good start, though I’m feeling a bit tired these days. sleep helps 'Winking smile 


One march goal – more core. I really, really need to up the ante there.

Once again, sorry for being a sucky blogger! I’ll be better, promise!

Train hard, run long!

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