Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mother Nature is a Real A-Hole Sometimes

Admittedly, we’ve had a very mild winter here in the northeast. Ideal for runners who aren’t having TM love affairs. However, now that I did a long run outside, I’ve realized I need to do more of them. Yet, mother nature is seriously effing with me. 50s during the week, 30s and stormy on the weekend. This has been the prediction (well maybe not 50s until this week, but still – general trend) for the last few weeks. This weekend I’ve got 10 miles on the schedule and it’s supposed to be 30s and snow/rain both days. I don’t mind running in rain, or snow. but snow/rain. EFF THAT. ew. However, I’m not sure even my TM love can hold up for 10 miles. UGH.

This past weekend I moved things around because Saturday was supposed to be the nicer of the two days, but instead it was nice both days. So no real loss there. Still, I don’t really like being played with.

So last week’s recap – sorry it’s late the long weekend kind of threw me off regarding updating, and then I had today off too to get my back manipulated. and it feels terrific!

Monday Feb 13: Stretch and Strength / 2 miles walk

Tuesday Feb 14: 4.5 miles / 4.5 @ 10:19

Wednesday Feb 15: 8x400 / rest

Thursday Feb 16: 3 miles + strength / Plank 1:15

Friday Feb 17: rest / 4 @ 10:10; Plank 1:00

Sat Feb 18: 4 Miles pace / 9 @ 11:27 outside!; Plank 1:03

Sun Feb 19: 9 Miles / 30 mins yoga; 4 @ 10:29

Total Miles: 21.5

Average Plank: 1:06


So, you may see some suckage mid-week. I got a quick head cold. I did stuff right and took vitamin C, drank lots of fluids etc etc and was able to knock it out pretty quickly. It was accompanied with some not good sleep though, which was the real reason for the rest. In fact, Wednesday I just straight up slept through my alarm. My body needed it, apparently.

Sunday night this week was also accompanied with some MAJOR sleep issues, so I took an unscheduled rest day yesterday. But I figure I’ll just replace Friday’s regular rest with some xtraining.

Not too bad, in the end I only really missed one total run – which was speed. And while speedwork is generally considered a key workout, being pre-manipulation and centered squarely on left hip pinchiness/back pain, I’m not gonna consider it much of a loss and speed work really effs with both of those. In the grand scheme of things, I think I’ll be fine. I still got in over 20 miles this week, which is important!

As far as planking goes – no excuse. I even got called out by the plank police on twitter. wah.

Ah well, new week, new runs! let’s get it in!!

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