Sunday, February 12, 2012

Aches, Pains, and a Teaser


This was a much needed cutback week. I’m having all sorts of left leg issues this cycle. I’m blaming it all on my back being out of whack. I’m due for a manipulation on the 21st and I can NOT wait. Over the years I’ve become very aware of the alignment of my back and hips, and I can feel that left side of the pelvis rolling forward and its just throwing everything off.

Anyway, I’ve had hip pain, and ITB pain, and shin pain, and knee pain and arch pain. All on the left side. annoying! I’ve been doing my best to foam roll, and stretch etc, but there’s only so much that I can do to mitigate things being out of whack. Next Tuesday can’t come soon enough!

Now, for the weekly recap….


Monday, Feb 6: Stretch and Strength / 35 min lifting (back and shoulders, heavy); Plank 1:30 (longest to date!)

Tuesday, Feb 7: 4 miles / 4 @ 10:17

Wednesday, Feb 8: 40 min tempo  / 4 @ 10:04 with 20 mins at 9:30

Thursday, Feb 9: 3 miles and strength / 45 mins legs; plank 1:20; I took off running this day due to arch pain that was getting nasty. it was a good choice

Friday, Feb 10: rest / rest

Saturday, Feb 11: easy / 3.1 @ 10:00 – fastest pace of the week, but after two days off running, it felt super easy.

Sunday, Feb 12: 10K / 6.2 @ 10:33 – rough run, but still faster than race pace! woot! Plank 1:23

Total miles: 17.3

Average Plank: 1:24

In other awesome news, on Saturday I hit my 100th mile for the year! yay! I’m making great progress towards my 1000 miles for the year goal Smile


A couple of weeks ago, a conversation with a friend turned to the topic of letting go of fears, taking advantage of life and live it, not letting negative past experiences influence experiencing the present, or the promise of the future. Well, he didn’t say all these things verbatim, or in one conversation. But needless to say, his positivity has gotten in my head.

This week brought about some opportunities for me to take some chances to leave fears behind, go after something bigger. To stop being scared. It’s either now or never. There’s no reason to wait.

What am I doing? You might know, or have an idea – but for the official confirmation, you’ll have to stay tuned!

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