Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May Milestones

I realize May still has one more day in it, but tomorrow is just another scheduled speed workout. 10x400 - a feat in itself, but no milestone for this girl.

I did have two huge running milestones this month, well, this week!

On saturday 5/26 I ran a PDR of 14.25 miles in just shy of 3 hours! It was a huge sweat fest, but I did it! i finished it with sopping wet shoes and a shirt that had gained ten pounds. I did the first 5.2 outside. it was unbelievably humid. I'd been prepping mentally for this long run all week and didn't want to have to cut it short due to heat/dehydration/not yet being adjusted to these ridiculous early summer temps here in upstate NY! So I changed my clothes (a necessity, I was soaked) and headed to the gym where I proceeded to sweat like crazy for the rest of the run. At the end of the second hour I was feeling really solid! The damn treadmills stop every 60 minutes, so getting going again was tough. But I hung in there and resisted the urge to fist pump as my distance crept past the half marathon mark!

My second milestone came this morning. It was just a quick (and speedy) run of 2.75 miles (time was crunched due to my badassness during p90x). However, those miles took me to my first 100 mile month of life! WOO! Today I had no qualms about how excited I was on the TM. I was smiling like a fool. I mean, come ON, 100 miles!!! ONE HUNDRED MILES. IN ONE MONTH.

I feel like I'm a "real" runner now. Part of a special group. I also thought it was kind of funny because toward the end of my miles today a girl hopped on the TM to my right - she often runs next to me. I think she likes it because I'm generally running at a slower pace than her (not today). But, as I stepped off the TM this morning i grinned and thought to myself - you may always be running 9:xx miles, sweetheart, but did you run 100 of them this month? BOOM!

So, it turns out i'm still pretty excited about my running accomplishments. hehe.

2.5 weeks to Lake Placid. Let's get it!

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Kristin said...

Awesome job! Passing that 100 mile mark is a HUGE deal! Good luck in LP! :)