Friday, May 18, 2012

Jumping the Gun

Well, last post I wrote tons of positive affirmations about going after my PDR this weekend (current PDR is 13.1). However, I jumped the gun. I've always planned to hit 15 miles during the training for the Lake Placid Half. However, I took a more laid back approach to my training this time (to avoid too much structure/mental burnout) by not writing down a stringent plan and as a result, I didn't realize that if I did 15 this weekend, I'd effectively spend the next 3 weeks tapering, which is the opposite of what I wanted to do this cycle. So, probs no PDR this weekend (maybe by a few tenths of a mile, we'll see.)

I am still thinking positively about seriously kicking this run's ass. What is good about not trying to hit a PDR this weekend, is that last weekend I aimed for 13 miles and failed miserably. So I get a do over! yay! I've got a better outlook, and slightly cooler morning temps. Plans to get on the road about two hours earlier than last week. And BV has offered to pit-crew me if I need it! :) Doesn't get much better than that!

Yesterday I did my very first double run day! Not necessarily by design, but definitely on purpose. I didn't go into this cycle planning on double days, but the Workforce Challenge was yesterday after work, and I had an itch to get a few miles in yesterday morning (plus my upper body was pretty sore from my first p90x workout, ouch). So I did 2.5 in the morning and 3.5 "race" in the afternoon. The race was great, it's really laid back, get together with coworkers and run as a team. I do believe they have these races all over the place - usually referred to as "corporate challenge" but in Albany, we have a focus on politics and with an absurd number of public employees, "workforce" was deemed more politically correct. blah blah.

Anyway, 3.5 miles with about 9300 people. I wasn't aiming to break any records, just an easy peasy negative split running along with BV who snuck up on me just after the first mile :) It was fun to run a race actually with someone! I must say it was also pretty cool to be in a race environment, and not feel like endurance death is taking over. This was the shortest distance I've "raced" since my very first 5k in September 2010! It was a beautiful day, and the serious downhill at the end is just the way everyone wants to finish their workday :)

Double day yesterday also kept me on track for possibly hitting 100!!!! miles for the month! I really hope it pans out, May seems like a really nice month to hit 100 miles, as opposed to my next most likely month of August - which is sure to be a sweat-fest.

Happy Friday, everyone. This weekend I'll be sure to post a long run recap, and stay on the blogging train! Gotta get my chops back before marathon training begins :)

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