Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Can we please get over this wikileaks thing?

The latest Wikileaks story is the most unsensational sensational news story of the decade. Honestly, what have we learned (except apparently the military may need to tighten up its security clearance procedures)? A series of things we already knew, or suspected were confirmed, tossed in with a few things we don't really care about. For example:

1. Canadians are begining to distrust Washington. Who cares? It's Canada! Also, welcome to the party, Canadians - most Americans don't trust Washington either (thanks, Nixon - yea, I'm still going there).

2. Diplomats talk trash behind eachother's backs. Oh, because that hasn't been happening since the beginning of organized society.

3. A bunch of world leaders think Sarkozy is a weiner. SHOCKING!!!

4. Americans apparently think the Constitution of the United States of America applies to the whole world.

5. If you look like a perv, someone will accuse you of being one (sorry, Assange - you have that creepster look about you).

6. If you go after the most powerful government in the entire world, they will come back at you. You do yourself no favors by announcing you'll release corporate secrets either. Corporations are, in fact, more influential than the government (oh no, she didnt! I did, I did), and unless you have Bill Gates money and can run your own little world, you're going to need those corporations to keep it going.

In conclusion, can we PLEASE move on!

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red table discussion, ladies?